Skin Care Products

Dr. Richard Sherman and his knowledgeable aestheticians have hand-selected a diverse range of skin care products to help our patients protect and maintain beautiful skin everyday. A professional skin care consultation can reveal which combination of products may best suit the unique needs of your skin. Afterward, you will have a customized skin care regimen designed to address your cosmetic concerns and reveal a radiant, youthful complexion. Our skin care product lines are available for purchase in our Uptown office or by phone.

Pharmacie Verte™

Dr. Sherman created the Pharmacie Verte™ product line in 2010. All Pharmacie Verte™ products are designed to harness the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial qualities of tea tree leaf oil, which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. The healing properties of tea tree leaf oil may be particularly beneficial for patients with rosacea. The Pharmacie Verte™ collection includes shampoo, body wash, face wash, and toner.

Obagi® Medical

Genuine Obagi® product lines are available exclusively through dermatologists, skin care professionals, and medical spas. Obagi® Medical uses prescription-strength ingredients to treat common skin concerns such as facial aging, sun damage, acne, and rosacea.


Beginning with their signature Cleanser, all EVE LOM products are formulated to nourish and protect the skin with a luxurious feel. The EVE LOM line utilizes the most recent scientific research and natural botanical ingredients to address common skin concerns and maintain a youthful appearance.


Originally designed for Hollywood, GLAMGLOW® can make skin camera-ready in just minutes. These award-winning facial treatments can smooth, soften, nourish, and brighten the skin for a radiant complexion.

Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen offers a wide range of long-lasting lip colors designed to boost confidence and transform a woman’s appearance. With a vibrant array of shades, Lipstick Queen aims to provide every woman with the perfect color to compliment her personality and lifestyle.

Revision® Skincare

Each product in the Revision® Skincare collection undergoes rigorous testing and yields clinically-proven results. Revision® Skincare products are made for a variety of skin types and can be used to protect the skin as well as prevent facial aging.


Developed in Paris, Darphin® employs high-quality ingredients and unique application methods to maximize the effects of each serum, oil, and cream. Darphin® products can be used to cleanse the skin as well as address many common skin concerns such as redness, fine lines, and wrinkles.


The Regenica® skin care system is designed around regenerative science to rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful appearance. The products’ unique MRCx™ next generation growth factor technology can improve the condition of the skin, reduce visible signs of facial aging, and promote healing after certain laser procedures. When used as a complete skin care system, Regenica® can reveal skin that is renewed, revitalized, and replenished.


LATISSE® is an innovative treatment for thinning, lightened, or shortened lashes. This topical prescription solution can boost natural lash growth and enhance the appearance of the eyelashes for a fuller, darker, longer aesthetic.

skinbetter science™

From the developers of Dysport® and Restylane®, skinbetter science™ facial products incorporate state-of-the-art scientific research into topical skincare. These unique retinoid products are designed for enhanced rejuvenation without irritating or burning the skin. With a luxurious feel, skinbetter science™ products can enhance collagen production for effective age management.

COOLA® Organic Sunscreen

These sustainably sourced sunscreens are formulated with natural and organic ingredients that can benefit your skin as well as the environment. Each COOLA® sunscreen offers broad spectrum UV protection and can help to prevent skin cancer when properly applied. A diverse product line offers options for all skin types and activity levels.

Jentry Kelley Cosmetics

Founded by makeup artist Jentry Kelley, this makeup line is designed to help women look younger. Created with the philosophy that application is the key to taking 5-10 years off of a woman’s appearance, Jentry Kelley Cosmetics offers a wide range of products for the face, cheeks, lips, and eyes. Our knowledgeable staff can educate you in best practices for makeup application, allowing you to look your best everyday.


Created by a California esthetician who has worked with many celebrities and influencers, NuFACE devices give patients an effective anti-aging treatment they can perform in their own homes. These handheld “Facial Trainers” can improve skin tone and facial contours while minimizing wrinkles with five or fifteen minute easy-to-perform treatments. Devices are available in two sizes: NuFACE Trinity® and NuFACE® mini.


Clarisonic® facial brushes are designed to deeply cleanse the skin and offer a wide range of benefits. Makeup can be removed up to six times better than washing the face with your hands alone. These brushes can also improve the skin’s texture, tone, and cell turnover rate. Skin care products have also shown to be more effective after using a Clarisonic® facial brush. Made for both women and men, the Clarisonic Mia® 2 and the Clarisonic® Smart Profile Uplift brushes are available for purchase at our office.